Third Party Logistics

The success of a third party logistics company hinges upon its ability to respond quickly and reliably to changing customer demands. From paperless platforms to just-in-time services for e-commerce companies, logistics providers have evolved to meet the specific needs of customers faster than ever. Below are the top five technology trends to watch in the logistics industry.

1) Paperless platforms. Logistics companies are more efficient and environmentally-focused than ever due to an increase in paperless operations. By transitioning from a paper system to a paperless platform, logistics providers are able to operate faster while making fewer errors.

2) On-demand services. Over the past year, many businesses elected to scale back their inventory in response to slower economic activity. As a result, more companies are requesting on-demand services to deliver and ship inventory quickly.

3) Prompt delivery of freight quotes. Speed is critical for businesses facing increasingly tight delivery deadlines. In order to remain competitive, logistics companies are preparing and delivering quotes faster than ever. Real-time access to data and rates make it easier than ever for carriers to provide quotes quickly, delighting customers in the process.

4) Just-in-time trucking services for e-commerce companies. As the e-commerce industry continues to grow, the need for trusted carriers will increase in tandem. In particular, many new e-commerce companies do not have the resources or space to house excess inventory. This creates a heightened need for just-in-time delivery of inventory to e-commerce companies that replenish stock on an as-needed basis.

5) Online payment processing. Online payment processing bolsters efficiency for carriers and customers alike. Customers receive invoices electronically, eliminating the time, expense, and hassle associated with printing and mailing invoices to customers. Most important, payment delays are reduced and the customer does not have to spend money on postage or paper envelopes.

The most successful logistics companies will continue to evolve and adapt to market conditions and the specific needs of their customers. The five trends above exemplify the logistic industry’s commitment to meeting ever-changing market demands.