How can you become a high-performing Freight Forwarding, Freight Brokerage, and logistic company?

Accenture, the global management consulting firm, has published an excellent article titled: “Freight forwarding and logistics: What the high performers know”.

The article indicates that using the structure of the three building blocks of high performance, as defined by the Accenture High Performance Business research program, the following are some of the important lessons about high performance from which all players in the freight forwarding and contract logistics industry can benefit.

  • Market focus and position
  • Distinctive capabilities
  • Flexible business model.
  • Deep expertise in key customer industries.
  • Using IT to maintain 360-degree control.
  • Performance anatomy

All in all, the article develops a great road-map for transforming a freight broker, freight forwarding, and any cargo management company into a high performer that could achieve excellent results.

You can see the whole article by clicking this link.



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