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How a Cargo Insurance Broker Can Help You

Cargo Insurance Broker can be very helpful 

If you are in the trucking or marine shipping industry, there is a good chance that you are carrying very valuable cargo on a daily basis. Because of this, making sure that your cargo receives comprehensive coverage from its freight insurance or marine cargo insuran

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Cargo Risk Management In International Freight Forwarding

Lost orders, replacement costs, delayed orders, damaged reputation, and other overhead costs, are some of the challenges that both shippers and importers face in the international freight forwarders' business. An analysis of the risks that exist beforehand, which is often challenging when using different transportation modes, is paramount in this case, for proper cargo risk management. Through the help of an expert on transportation risk management, you can overcome these challenges. LOGISTI

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Who Needs to Carry Contingent Cargo Insurance

Contingent Cargo Insurance

The shipping industry is an extremely important and valuable industry, millions of dollars of products are shipped daily.  To ensure that all of these shipments are properly covered, having cargo insurance is extremely important. One unique type of cargo insurance to consider carrying is contingent cargo insurance for freight brokers. What Does Contingent Cargo Insurance Cover? Contingent cargo broad insurance is a unique type of cargo insurance that i

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When Is Excess Cargo Insurance (And More) the Right Business Decision?

When Is Excess Cargo Insurance (And More) the Right Business Decision? Hauling chemicals and hazardous materials adds an extra layer of danger to an already risky industry, and that can make finding coverage hard to find. But your business needs the right truck insurance so it can compete for profitable contracts, keep employees safe, and not be swamped with the administrative burden of claims. How to Keep Your Trucking Business Healthy and Safe: Add excess liability coverage an

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Carmack Amendment on the Liability of Carriers Who Provide Warehousing Services

Carmack Amendment on the Liability of Carriers Who Provide Warehousing Services

The Carmack Amendment establishes the liability of a carrier for damages or loss of goods incurred during transportation. The Act also defines transportation as services related to the movement of goods including making arrangements for their receipt, and storage. A carrier who offers warehousing

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3 Tips for Reducing Transportation Risk When Choosing a Freight Broker

Freight Broker

Your risk increases substantially as you add-on carriers. Risk can vary from something mild like a slight logistic setback to a costly financial mistake. As a result, it is important to reduce transportation risk as much as possible by following strategic freight brokering tips in this industry. One of the simplest ways to do this is by choosing the right broker. Here are a few freight broker tips that you can use to help you make your next broker selection. Make Sure

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The New Tesla Semi Truck

TESLA SEMI ANNOUNCEMENT Tesla has announced a new vehicle in development: the Tesla Semi. If it meets expectations, the all-electric truck is poised to change the nature of not just trucking, but commercial transport as a whole. Morgan Stanley's Adam Jonas, an analyst with a history of covering Tesla's products and market footprint, called it "the biggest catalyst in trucking in decades". Some of the expectations for the Semi are in line with how Tesla cars vary from gas-powered personal v

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Carmack Amendment Elevates Importance Of Bill Of Lading

How Carmack Amendment makes Bill of Lading more important than ever

If a carrier is sued for damage to or loss of cargo, what laws are being used as the basis of the claim? The Carmack Amendment is the most common uniform code of law regulating the freight industry that is applied in liability cases involving breach of contract, fraud, and negligence. The Most Important Document: The majority of claims raise issue with one particular exemption of liability, an act of the shipp

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Freight Brokers: The Importance of Choosing a Qualified Carrier

Freight Broker

There are numerous citings proving the extreme importance of choosing a qualified carrier. In addition, making sure that the “qualified carrier” does not then broker the shipment out to another driver who may not be qualified falls under a freight broker’s responsibilities as well. As many of you are aware, fines can be astronomical and may result in loss of authority. Here are just a few of the cases that have been settled. Read More
The Digital Freight Broker

Freight Broker in the Digital World

The freight brokering industry has been around for many years. New brokering companies come and go, and not much changes in the industry. Freight brokers are the link between the shipper and the carrier. However, digital freight brokerage companies, such as Uber and Power2Ship, are revolutionizing the industry. Digital freight brokering, otherwise known as digital freight matchin

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