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A beginner’s guide to TIA

Chances are if you're in the freight broker industry, you're familiar with the business of 3PL's, or third-party logistics, but you may not belong to a top-notch 3PL organization like Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA). Joining makes sense for 3PL professionals, and might be the best strategic decision you ever make. Consider this a beginner's guide to membership in the most trusted 3PL organization in North America: Did you know?

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Going Global with Risk Management

As with any industry, shipping and transportation will come under the challenge to design contracts with partners and clients in a way that legally avoids administrative fines and penalties. In addition to these risks there are country-specific fines affecting the business of international freight forwarding, creating a need for consistently updated knowledge regarding ocean and air freight in particular. Domestic freight companies should, under usual circumstan

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FMCSA Survey Finds No Increase in Driver Harassment When Using ELD (Electronic Logging Device)

A 2011 court ruling which questioned the possibility of increased driver harassment under the forthcoming Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate expected in 2015 was the impetus for a recently completed FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) survey. The ELD mandate will require most drivers to replace paper logs with electronic logging. In addition to calling out standards for the de

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What Has Changed? A look at one Year After Map-21 Increased The BMC-84/85 to $75,000.

It has been a little over a year since MAP-21 increased the required Freight Broker bond from a $10,000 to a $75,000 BMC 84/85 broker bond/Trust. Although, when it first was implemented, there were many naysayers, it seems the change seems to have helped the industry. Better Brokers One of the intended effects of MAP-21 was to push out those brokers who may ha

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How Does an Exoneration Clause in a Through Bill of Lading Affect Liabilities of a NVOCC (Non Vessel Owned Common Carrier) & Other Intermediaries

When an ocean carrier issues a through bill of lading for transport terminating inland in the United States, the terms of the bill of lading govern the liabilities of all parties to the transaction. This includes the rail or motor carriers performing the inland transportation. The case of Sompo Japan Insurance Company of America versus Norfolk Southern Railway brought before U.S. Court of Appeals for the 

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Transportation Intermediaries Association Questions Proposed Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Sanitary Transportation Rule

The Food Safety Modernization Act signed into law in 2011 includes provisions that will allow implementation of the 2005 Sanitary Food Transportation Act. On February 5, 2014, the FDA published the proposed requirements for the final transport regulations due March 31, 2016. Since the proposed rule would apply to shippers, receivers and carriers transporting food within the United States both by motorized and rail

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Map 21 Pension Provisions Extended by HATFA

Recently, President Obama signed into law the Highway and Transportation Funding Act (HATFA) of 2014. Littler reports that among other things, the law extends the pension provisions that were developed by the 2012 Moving Ahead for Progress for the 21st Century (

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Third Party Logistics Companies (3PLs), Motor Carriers and Brokerages Suffer in Labor Shortage

According to a recent article from HDT Trucking Info, the U.S. trucking industry isn't alone in the suffering brought about by the labor shortage. Brokerages and third party logistics companies are also impacted. At an industry conference, the CEO of Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), Robert Voltmann, stated

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Delays Expected from FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) On New Rule Making

An article from Go By Truck Global News stated that delays are likely on any rule making from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), particularly regarding anything controversial. Annette Sandberg, a former FMCSA administrator, said that the departure of the head of the administration and the naming of an acting administrator will probably cause big decisions to be delayed until at least the end of the y

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A Projected Increase in Holiday Inbound Freight Is Expected To Have a Positive Impact for Transportation Companies & Intermediaries

According to a recent article from Bloomberg entitled "Your Presents On Way Offer Holiday Sales Clues: EcoPulse," a projected uptick in inbound container volume is projected for the holiday season. Though inbound container volume at California's Los Angeles and Long Beach ports was down .7 percent in July when compared to July of 2013, the volume had risen 13 percent from the prior month due to retailer anticipation of a good holiday selling season. Those two

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