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Broker Liability in Truck Accident Cases

One of the most important things a Freight Broker does for Shippers/Consignees is the vetting of truckers. OAKLAND, CA, July 09, 2011 -- I was involved in a case a couple years ago where a big rig wiped out three cars near the California Nevada border, killing one person and seriously injuring a number of others. I represented two Hispanic women that both received serious orthopedic injuries, one a brain injury. There was a total of one million dollars in Read More

Importance of Domestic Freight Brokerage’s Contingent Cargo Insurance

Claims and law suits relating to lost or damaged cargo can arise because the trucker’s motor truck cargo policy doesn’t respond to the claim, we offer several cargo insurance programs to address each Freight Broker’s unique shipper/customer base, the sensitivities and risks involved therein. * Contingent Cargo L

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Review of Exposures: Domestic Freight Brokerage Industry

Domestic Freight Broker’s moving freight through third party trucking, rail carriers and airlines have financial exposures that are truly unique from any other industry. A thorough and complete understanding of financial exposure is critical to the long term success of a Freight Broker or Freight Forwarder. It is important to first understand the risks and financial exposures then design a program with the support of knowledgeable professionals dedicated to the logistics industry. The ultim

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Injuries or Deaths When Contracting Truckers to Move Freight

If you contract truckers to move freight and someone is injured or killed, are you covered? Serious financial exposures confront domestic freight brokers, freight forwarders and their shipper clients when trucking operations they contract to move freight injure or cause fatalities. The Right Policy is out there but do you have it in place? Have you ever asked yourself the question, “I am a company with domestic freight broker authority and how do I pr

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